This in-progress web page will contain the whole Untitled Series:

  • Untitled (Duet in Three Frames)
  • Untitled (BkSD)
  • Untitled (Duet on Four Frames)
  • Untitled (Performance for Five)
  • Untitled (Duet in A)

mimi and carlo will describe our process, and support the narrative with videos. We will discuss resource and composition according to circumstance. All works, in a way, are site- and occasion-specific, depending on the materials available (dancers, technical elements, sound, money), audience or community present, and mixes of pre-existing movement and improvisational scores. Improvisation, it seems, has both a micro and macro involvement in the full picture of our work.

More (F)ormed ideas and writing to come.
(carlo 5/18/18)