photo by Dusty St. Amand

photo by Dusty St. Amand


about us 

We are building a history of making performances collaboratively, and each new project finds different questions, values, and ways of framing itself. 

We have brought performances to Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Invocation Proclamation Manifesto at Gibney Dance, Movement Research at Judson Church, Cathy Weis' Sundays on Broadway, FABxAUNTS at WOW Café Theatre, the Jack Crystal Theater at NYU, Rutgers University, and the Brooklyn Studios for Dance.

We have been supported by resources from the NYU Tisch Summer Dance Residency; a creative and teaching residency at Stony Brook University’s Center for Dance, Movement, and Somatic Learning; and a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant.

Currently Mimi also dances for Kyle Marshall, Stephen Petronio, Maya Lee-Parritz and Stephanie Acosta; and makes video work with Zora Schiltz-Rouse and Sophia DeBaun. She has performed in works by Sarah Lifson, Lisa Fagan, and Zultari Gomez, GREYZONE and has also co-produced shows at the Actors Fund Arts Center in Brooklyn and Poe Park Visitor Center in the Bronx. Mimi also works as a support specialist to self-directed people with developmental disabilities.

contact:  mlgabriel (at) gmail (dot) com
instagram:  mimilgab

Carlo has most recently performed in the works of Keely Garfield, Kendell Geers, Barbora Kleinhamplová, Walter Dundervill, and Abby Zbikowski. Carlo is also a member of the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company, through which he has taught students at George Mason University, transcenDANCE Youth Arts Project in San Diego, LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore, and the Company’s annual summer workshop at New York Live Arts in Chelsea.

contact:  carloantonio.villanueva (at) gmail (dot) com
instagram:  carloantonio