Untitled (Duet in A)

How are we complicit in this America, and how do we experience this America differently from one another? How do we perceive and proceed within the structures that simultaneously limit some and give opportunity to others? More locally, we as performance makers are trying to work and operate in a Western formalist and abstract expressionist Dance Form that is aligned with a history of white supremacy, colonization, and wealth privilege. What is the price of admission?

How do we interact with and absorb the conflict? How may we work toward resolve or compromise? How do we communicate clearly, “efficiently,” honestly, and fluidly? In this performance called Untitled (Duet in A), we navigate a choreographed score next to each other against a volatile maximalist pop landscape---an analogy for our socio-political disposition, and the duties we assume within them.

We navigate this America and this performance with neither denial of history and the present, nor the need for excuses and falsehoods. We have and will continue to allow for mistakes, intuition, and verbal communication to guide us through the tasks and conflicts in our creative processes, our performances, and our lives. We urge each other to live and continue onward with transparency and support.

Concept, Choreography, Costume, and Performance by Miriam Gabriel and Carlo Antonio Villanueva
Sound Design by Jonathan Johnson with songs taken from pop of today and yesteryear.

Event Information
Invocation Proclamation Manifesto Week One, Gibney Dance Center, September 21-23, 2017                         

Special Thanks                                                                                                                                                This performance project is generously supported, in part, by a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant and Gibney Dance.

Other Credits
video documentation by Gibney Dance