Updates by Carlo Antonio Villanueva

I have updated the website to show large images and video documentation of the performances, in order to nod to the performances themselves, which are long gone.

There is no substitute for the attendance of live performance, but the formal structure of a website does function as a sound and accessible archive of a history of works. I question the bulldozing Western-ness of the process of archival, but we live inside material structures that require participation in order to build and continue... I'm happy to question and venture forward mindfully.

I am looking forward to working with Mimi on our next performances, set for mid-September. I am excited about the possibilities, the companionship, and the witness an audience will bear. I will post more details soon.


website words by Carlo Antonio Villanueva

We are building our website.

I'm very delighted to see this digital "space" inhabited by our work. There are varying combinations of authorship, participation, and performance from each of us in these works. Though we make live performance, the material we choose to represent the works online is really only pointing to a past live performance event. Photo, video, drawing, text...

It's sort of like we are roommates in both the digital and creative spaces.

Mimi and I have been working to write text together, for the purposes of application to choreographic opportunities. We sit near one other at one of our apartments or in a cafe, and simultaneously work on the same shared document, or website platform, or whatever. When we're not able to be in the same physical space, we use our iPhones to FaceTime while we work on the same documents. I'm excited by this because we are using our technological tools to collaborate/communicate in new ways.

The same goes for video recording ourselves in order for both of us to be able to watch the material from the outside. Yes, we could have someone else in the room. Yes, we have questioned the value of watching ourselves instantly. But for now, we just want to see what the moves look like when we're both prioritizing the "doing" over the "observing."

Again, I like seeing the evidences of our work all in one place. I feel like I can see across time, and multiple places and creative spaces at once. This website grants us perspective into our own histories and cumulative identities. I hope visitors are able to glean from this website what they came to understand, and maybe a little more.